Mrs. Treble Clef’s Play House – MYC – Keyboard classes

Studio Policies  2016 -2017 

Parent (or responsible adult) participation is mandatory in all Music For Young Children classes.

A piano or touch-sensitive keyboard is required for students to practice on.

The registration fee is required to reserve your child’s space in the class time and day you request.  Cheques are payable to Jill Marston. Thanks!

Please notify me promptly if your child must miss a class.  I will email the current homework sheet to you. There are no refunds for missed classes.

There are 34 lessons, plus two recitals in the teaching year.  Classes will begin Tuesday September 13th.  The studio will be closed for Christmas break from December 19 – January 7; Spring Break will be from March 17 – 25.     Classes will finish up during the first week of June.

Two months notice is required to withdraw from lessons (new students cannot take your space mid-year). If your child is struggling in some way, please let me know so we can work together to make sure that music continues to be fun! In the event of a move you can transfer to a new MYC® class.

I am happy to be called “Jill” or “Teacher Jill” or “Miss Jill” by parents and children; if you prefer, you may choose the more formal,  “Mrs. Marston”.

Practice is essential to success in MYC®. I provide incentives to motivate and encourage. Students will be best prepared and experience maximum success when they practice 5 times per week for the suggested duration. Parents agree to ensure this practice routine is established and maintained. Parents, you are the key to MYC®!!

Your child is important to me.  I want each child to learn music, but more importantly, I want them to develop a love for music. I aim to keep in touch with you to monitor your child’s progress and to provide encouragement and support along the way.

Your undivided attention is essential to your child’s success.  Siblings who are not registered for the class are not permitted to attend unless you are comfortable with them sitting unsupervised in the waiting room.  (Exceptions to this rule will be considered occasionally for children who can sit for the entire hour without interrupting).

Studio Rules

Parents, thanks for not chatting during class. Make notes and get as much out of lessons as you can. Have fun – enthusiasm is contagious.

Thank you for being on time for class. We start on time whether you are present or not.

Students need clean hands. Please wash hands before arriving, or give yourself a couple of extra minutes to wash up in the studio washroom.

Parking is important.  Please be sensitive to the neighbours.  When space is available, please park in the driveway.  don’t worry about blocking someone else in, they will be leaving at the same time as you!   Thanks.