Music Pups

Music Pups® for Babies – 4 yrs

Music Pups is a fun, musically enriched environment for children ages newborn to 4 years.  Mixed age classes are developmentally appropriate and allow siblings to enjoy class together.  The program was developed to be a child’s first music class experience with the goal of establishing basic music competence in its’ students. In-tune singing, keeping a beat and imitating rhythm patterns are all skills  that children develop while attending Music Pups classes.  The 45 minute weekly classes are parent participation classes so you can sing, dance and play with your child developing a special bond and learning how to nurture that bond outside of the classroom.   At this young age, children are free to explore music through movement, vocalization, instruments and other props such as scarves  and balls.

Children develop basic music skills through exploration, discovery and play.

Children are exposed to a wide variety of music including, country, rock, classical, folk, world music, jazz. Exposure to these various genres increases the child’s ability to reproduce various rhythms and tonal patterns later in life.  While the neurological and academic benefits are many, the most important reason for being a part of Music Pups classes is that children LOVE it because it is so FUN!

Music Pups is so much more than just a class to come to….it’s the beginning of your child’s love for music!

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