Some comments about MYC & Jill Marston


In 2010, two of our children began the Moonbeams and Sunbeams programs with Jill.  At first, the thought of parent involvement at every class seemed like an overwhelming prospect for our busy family of five.  However, we soon discovered that there was good reason for it—we always knew exactly what and how to practice.  I can not believe how quickly and thoroughly my children learned the beginnings of music theory in such a fun manner with Jill.  As a child, I had studied piano and yet, I was surprised at how much I learned, too.  Jill is a natural teacher who guides the children with a kind, firm manner.  She is reliable, easily approachable, and creative.  My children are excited to get started on their second year of  MYC at the new Mrs. Treble Clef studio. – Victoria


I continue to be surprised by how much musical information my children can store in their brains.  It is awesome to have my 6 year old understand terms like fermata, allegro and legato; while my 4 year old knows all the notes and where they go on the staff.  They learn these terms in a fun and positive manner with Jill in the MYC program!   Thanks again for the great year Jill.  Good luck with setting up your new location. – Patricia


I found the MYC program to be well thought out.  It effectivley introduces concepts at the child’s level and then builds and expands the skills and understanding along the way.  As a parent with some musical background, I also learned alot and gained a better understanding of how music works. 

My son has gotten a solid grounding in many musical concepts that enables him to translate the notations on a page into sounds from the keyboard, experiment with making his own music, and work with others to make music together.

Jill has always made lesson time welcoming, upbeat, and fun.  She encourages both cooperation and individuality in her students.  – Donna, Mother of MYC graduate


We’ve two children learning music with Jill. The MYC material and method really engages both kids. Most importantly, Jill is one of those people who have a knack for kids. – Scott